President’s Award for Outstanding Performance 

The President’s Award for Outstanding Performance of Academic/Teaching Staff was established in 2000/2001 to recognise outstanding performance, promote excellence in performance standards and encourage colleagues to press on for greater achievement.

Under the Scheme, academic and teaching staff members with significant achievements in the three areas of teaching, scholarly work and service earn this highest prestige of the University.

The Awards Presentation for Outstanding Performance 2024 was held on 2 May to recognise outstanding performance of our academic/teaching colleagues. For more details about the event, please visit the President’s Award Website.

Reward and Recognition Scheme for Non-Teaching Staff

Reward and Recognition Scheme for Non-Teaching Staff is implemented to recognise non-teaching staff who have made significant contributions and/or provided exceptional service beyond their scope of normal duties, in support of achieving the University’s strategic goals.

The award is also a way to shape a culture of recognition and appreciation for our colleagues and express the heartfelt gratitude for their hard work and efforts to advance the development of the University.

reward-and-recognition reward-and-recognition
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Milestone In Service Ceremony

In honour of the employees' loyal service to the University, the Milestone In Service Ceremony is an employee appreciation ceremony to recognise the hard work of all long-serving and retiring staff.

At the event, the University confers the honorary title of Professor Emeritus in recognition of their excellent contributions, and present awards to retiring colleagues as well as colleagues with years of service.