Stay up-to-date on key events including our annual Award Presentation Ceremony, Orientation Day for Academic, Teaching, and Non-teaching Staff, and the timeline for our Annual Performance Review process. Our calendar is your go-to resource for planning ahead and ensuring you don't miss any important HR events.

Date Category Details
2023 Aug Events Orientation Day for Academic, Teaching and Administrative Staff
2023 Sep Annual Performance Review Goal Setting
2023 Nov* Policy Faculty Review Panel
2024 Jan Policy University Review Panel
2024 Mar - Apr Annual Performance Review On-going Feedback & Mid-Year Formative Feedback
2024 Apr Policy Professorial Appointment Panel
2024 May Events Award Presentation for Outstanding Performance
2024 Jun Events Milestone in Service Ceremony
2024 Jul - Aug Annual Performance Review Year-End Review
2024 Sep - Oct Annual Performance Review Year-End Meeting

*Subject to the arrangement of different Faculties/Schools