Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS) for Recruitment


  1. The personal data submitted by job applicants will be used by the University to assess an applicant's suitability for assuming a position he/she applies for, and to determine the remuneration and benefits package, if applicable. It may be provided to departments/offices, and/or any internal/external assessors, where applicable, authorised to process the information for purposes relating to the appointment, or for carrying out audit procedures that may be required from time to time.
  2. Completion of all items on the form(s) is obligatory for selection purposes. Failure to provide the required data may affect the processing and outcome of the application. Applicants are also requested to attach copies of certificates, transcripts and other relevant documents to support information provided.
  3. All the unsuccessful applications will be disposed of not later than six months after completion of the relevant recruitment exercise(s). When similar vacancies in the University arise during the period, applications may be transferred to another recruiting unit for consideration of employment. For successful applications, information will be transferred to staff record and further used by the University for employment or residual employment related purpose as appropriate.
  4. Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, an applicant has a right to request access to, and/or correction of his/her personal data in relation to his/her application. For such request, please complete the "Data Access Request Form" from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner website, and forward it to the Officer-in-Charge of Human Resources Office of Hong Kong Baptist University; and quote the PR Reference Number. The University will charge a reasonable fee for the costs related to the data access request according to the Privacy Policy Statement <>.


  1. 申請者提供的個人資料,將會用作評核申請者是否適合擔任所申請的職位,及釐定薪酬與福利。資料會轉交至學系/部門,及/或按需要交給内部/外部評核員等合資格使用人士,作爲處理與招聘有關、或進行不定期審計程序的用途。
  2. 為方便遴選,請填寫表格的所有部分。未能提供所需的資料或會影響處理過程及申請結果。申請人請附證書、成績單或其它有關文件副本。
  3. 未獲取錄申請人的資料,將於招聘程序完成後6個月內全部銷毀。期間大學如有其他類似空缺,申請資料或會轉交至另一招聘單位考慮。成功獲取錄申請人的資料,會被轉移至僱員檔案,並將應用於處理有關在職期間之僱傭事宜或處理僱員離職後的任何與僱傭有關的事宜(如適用)。
  4. 按照個人資料(私隱)條例,申請人有權查閲及/或更正申請文件内的個人資料。如有需要,請使用個人資料私隱專員公署網頁上的「查閲資料要求表格」,註明PR編號,並交回香港浸會大學人力資源處統籌主任。大學會根據私隱政策聲明 <> 就申請人查閱資料的要求收取合理的費用以支付有關要求所產生的費用。